GRANT #280:


Here's how the youth of Grand Bahama Island are learning to protect and defend their beautiful home's natural national treasures.

If you grow up surrounded by white sugar sand, crystal clear blue water, swaying palm trees, abundant sea life, you know, essentially vacation paradise, it’s surprisingly easy to take it for granted.

Gail Woon has devoted much of her life to making sure that the natural national treasures of the Bahamas are honored and protected by the Bahamian people.

This year marks the 30th anniversary of EARTHCARE, Gail’s organization that’s been offering the EARTHCARE EcoKids program to introduce young people to their country’s irreplaceable heritage.

It’s a combo platter of science, history, geography, flora, fauna, and fun, resulting in a sense of national pride and a knowledge of the urgency of action. The next thing you know, those young people become environmental activists with a mission to save the wealth that is their country’s ecology.

This Awesome Without Borders grant will fund this year’s EcoKids program. Look for them (they’ll be wearing their new t-shirts!) when you’re on one of those beautiful Grand Bahamian beaches.

Keep in touch with the EcoKids: WebsiteFacebook, Gail’s Twitter, and a fledgling YouTube channel