Grant #279


January 29, 2018

Transforming underutilized space into a beautiful bus stop for folks with special physical needs? AWESOME.

It makes so much sense that we shouldn’t need to be reminded: when you create for others, you ought to ask for their input. Shorthand for that: “Nothing about us without us.”

Yet people constantly design things without bothering to check out whether the design would actually work for the people who have to live with the results.

Enter Urbanería, a collective from La Paz, Baja California Sur México. Urbanería rallies people to take action in their communities to have a say in their own public spaces throughout La Paz. After all, who gets to say what “quality of life” is in big cities? Urbanería is the creation of volunteers from different walks of life, working to make sure that everyone can find public spaces and services that meet their needs and desires.

Here’s a great example: Urbanería partnered with CRIT, a physical rehabilitation center for children and young people with disabilities. In talking with the people who are most affected, the need for help in using public transportation became clear.

So Urbanería and CRIT created a bus stop where people with physical differences can be safer and more comfortable while they wait. We wish every community would build infrastructure that’s beautiful, functional and serves the people who live there.

Reclaiming and reimagining what public space can do for all of us – awesome.

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