GRANT #250:


This grantee is on a quest to collect every single word imaginable.

Wordnik, the world’s biggest English dictionary by number of words, is on a mission to collect every.single.word. of the English language and to make those words available on their website to everyone, everywhere.

More than half of the unique English words aren’t included in traditional dictionaries, so Wordnik is on the case. In fact, they won’t stop until every word is, in their words, lookupable!

Step aside, spellcheck and autocorrect. Wordnik makes it a priority to include words that are often overlooked but are common in communities of color and disability, as well as those used by gender-nonconforming people.

Not only do they provide a rad word of the day to enhance your vocabulary, they also let users adopt their fav words. They’re even giving us the chance to adopt 40 of our own mad awesome words, including equity, feminism, Jafflechute and GenderAvenger!

The Awesome Without Borders grant will go towards supporting Wordnik’s infrastructure and updating their application programming interface. Never miss out on #AllTheWords by following Wordnik on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.