Grant #509

Zambian Flute Choir

November 14, 2022

A New Choir Brings Together Young Zambian Flautists to Create Music—and Understanding

If the first initiative aimed at bringing together emerging flutists in Zambia was ever going to happen, it’s no surprise that Nchimunya Clark Siachaba is the person pulling it together.   

Siachaba has a unique set of credentials. The professional Afro-Classical flute performer and facilitator is a graduate of Nanjing University of the Arts in China who’s been performing around the world since the age of 12. He’s been able to flex his leadership skills on stage and to collaborate behind the scenes with other incredible talents. 

Now he’s putting those skills to use in founding the Zambian Flute Choir, which will provide intensive training with a focus on technique and improvisation to its members. Our grant will underwrite the cost of renting a rehearsal space. It will also go toward providing refreshments, printing media materials, and supporting administration. 

Siachaba explains that his project will focus on “creating unique and meaningful opportunities” for people from all kinds of backgrounds in Zambia. Choir members will work to “create cultural bridges” so that people from different communities can learn from each other both on stage and off. That’s music to our ears.

Category: Community, Education, Music, Performance, Youth



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