Grant #189

Ensemble Companio

April 18, 2016

A chamber choir like no other.

Ensemble Companio is not your typical chamber choir. Spanning the northeast and consisting of multi-generational members from a variety of crazy awesome careers, this twenty-eight member team is dedicated to merging its diverse voices into one of the most innovative community choirs in the country. In fact, this model is so innovative and unique that they’ll be presenting on it this June at the national Chorus America Conference.

Despite daily demands and rigorous careers, the group’s members are so dedicated to making music that they spend one full weekend a month sleeping on air mattresses or crashing on couches, travelling to different cities, and rehearsing for hours on end in preparation for the group’s three annual concerts. While most people tend to drift from choir once their careers or family life becomes too demanding, Ensemble Companio has created a model that helps members stay active. They dedicate funds towards childcare costs and travel expenses, allowing members to pursue a passion many are forced to abandon.

Using funds from Awesome Without Borders, Ensemble Companio will record their first studio album. They can use this album to chart their own growth as a group, and send high quality tracks to national competitions and conferences.

To stay up-to-date with news, concerts, and special events, join their mailing list here. You can also find the group on Facebook.

Category: Music, Performance, Volunteer



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