Grant #233


February 28, 2017

This is how you turn human waste into a resource, educate people about sustainable sanitation, and use a toilet without water.

Fact or Fiction?: South of the equator a toilet flushes in the opposite direction. Well, the counterclockwise vs. clockwise swirl is no longer in question if you use a toilet without water!

Hello, ZumaPoop — an awesome project that brings compostable toilets to the suburbs of Oaxaca, Mexico where water access is limited and sanitation infrastructure is lacking. The porcelain throne alternative doesn’t require water and all the waste is composted through a natural process that’s clean and odor-free (yes, really and truly). The first commode will be placed at a local, women-led organization called La Casita (the little house) that provides free daycare to children from low or no income families. La Casita will host and maintain the sanitary facilities in addition to offering educational programming about hygiene and sustainable sanitation for the children. Parents, educators, and of course, the children themselves have been involved in ZumaPoop from the beginning and will be involved with the construction. Once completed, anyone in this waterless region can proudly build their very own sustainable restroom and use the natural fertilizer to boost their home garden! Waste not, want not.

This grant will support the purchase of fundamental construction tools and materials for the restrooms including composting toilets, sinks, faucets, and plumbing. Onward!

ZumaPoop and La Casita don’t have a website, but you can learn more about their sustainable architecture partner, Oficina Design, at their website and Instagram.



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