Grant #232

Name that Bone!

February 20, 2017

This app helps you identify bones even if you failed 10th-grade Biology.

Imagine you’re out for a hike in the woods and come across a pile of bones. Or perhaps you’re a student of archaeology or forensic anthropology and need a quick reference. Wait, wait, wait. Actually, you’re a teacher in a K-12 classroom who desires to give students an interactive science lesson.

From classrooms to country roads, Name that Bone! — a bone identification app — will be by your side (or rather, within your text claw) for all of your osteological needs. Hannah Keller and Miranda Davenport are the dynamic duo behind the app concept. Tapping into their anthropological brainpower, personal (and private) bone collection, and 3D modeling software know-how, the two women will create the backbone of the tool that helps users have some osteo fun and maybe solve a few backyard mysteries.

In order to build out this arsenal of digitized bones and create the 3D images for the app, Awesome Without Borders is proud to support the team in getting the right camera equipment and professional software to make their bone-tastic dream come true.



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Team Awesome Without Borders