Grant #231

A Pippin Production

February 13, 2017

This theatre group puts girls center stage, now and always.

High school: that time in our lives when we craved a sense of belonging, an acknowledgment that we were special, and a community of “our people.” This affirmation is the magical fairy dust that The Young Women’s Leadership School of Astoria’s drama club sprinkles on its budding actors.

What started as a small all-girl theatre troupe performing in a school gym eight years ago has now expanded and exploded to the main stage with unmatched zest and aplomb. While the club has grown, some things have remained the same: The group’s shows are student run, and girls are center stage, now and always. This rockin’ group is hard at work with glue guns and cardboard, creating masterful scenes and costumes and exploring the perfect sound and light design for their upcoming performance of Pippin this month. Awesome Without Borders is stepping in to close the funding gap to purchase props and cover the theater space rental cost. Now, places everyone — the show is about to start!



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Team Awesome Without Borders