Grant #230

Global Women’s Water Initiative

February 6, 2017

This organization and team of women will provide water to hundreds in Uganda.

Water is the most basic of needs. For many people, it’s routine to fill a glass from the tap, grab a bottle of Poland Spring at the gym, or boil a pot of H2O for a quick pasta dinner. Most don’t think about it twice.

But for millions around the world, access to safe, clean drinking water is a serious problem. Unfortunately, those most affected are women and girls: Upwards of eight hours of their day can be dedicated to fetching water and doing water-related chores preventing them from working or going to school. We can all agree that needs to change.

Enter Global Women’s Water Initiative. Our latest grantee is not only training women to build water and sanitation technologies like water storage tanks, toilets, and filters, they are instructing them on ways to reduce water-related disease. It gets better. GWWI is also ensuring that the women are being asked to serve on their local water boards, ensuring that their voices are heard when it comes to issues that directly affect them. Water providers, trainers, and leaders — we’re in!

Awesome Without Borders is proud that its grant will go towards funding a women’s team to build a rainwater harvesting system and water storage tank for a local school in Uganda providing water to 300 students and staff. With this system, the girls will no longer have to fetch water and can stay in school. That’s awesome. Period.

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