Grant #498

Crisis Foster Care for Dogs and Cats

April 25, 2022

Pets and People Are Fur-ever Family. When Crisis Hits, Pawster Helps Keep Them Together

Gabe Horton realized the need for crisis foster care for pets when his neighbor had to surrender his dog in the midst of a medical crisis. The health situation was temporary; the split was not. He founded Pawster Nashville to make sure that no one in his community had to face the same trauma. 

Pawster provides temporary shelter in a safe and loving home to dogs and cats whose owners are dealing with a disruption in their home life—hospitalization, loss of housing, domestic violence, addiction treatment, incarceration, or any other event that makes them unable to care for their companion. Its approach is working. In 2021, Pawster provided crisis care for more than 50 dogs and cats and reunited over 90% of pets with their owners—keeping pets and their families intact. 

Our grant will help Gabe provide food and pet supplies to those who’ve volunteered to take in a foster pet, including carriers, toys, treats, water bowls, litter, and more. Sounds paws-itively awesome to us.

Category: Activism, Animals, Volunteer



Starting May 16, 2022, we’re pausing accepting new applications. We will post here when we re-open the floodgates! Please do not submit any applications until we announce we are accepting them. We will not review them.

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