GRANT #70:


Surf's up gang! A California-based initiative found a way to turn fun in the sun into higher grades for young people worldwide.

Balikbayod-Returning Wave has found the perfect incentive for kids in the Philippines: offer surfing lessons and boards in exchange for superlative school performance and attendance. By learning to overcome the demands of the open waters, children naturally develop the character and discipline that lead to success in scholastics, and beyond. It’s a tried and true method of the San-Francisco-based project which has already mentored over 80 children to graduation, even helping some to obtain scholarships.

These surfers-in-training aren’t just learning how to ride waves either! From volunteering for restoration projects to teaching repairs and maintenance, Returning Wave members are cultivating responsible leaders ready to tackle the challenges of today’s world with the same can-do that keeps each Kahuna’s head above water.

Discover more about Returning Wave, their partners, and the impact they’re making here. Then visit them on Facebook, and WATCH this short video!