GRANT #61:

DIY Sustainable Art Symposium

Every year this group of four artists goes back to the land where four years ago, they started a project to rebuild a cabin and create a creative learning place for artists.

Margaret Coleman and three other artists from Brooklyn, Minneapolis, and Chicago, were donated a small cabin in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. They took it apart piece by piece, rebuilt it, and decided that they would go back and make it better every summer—ultimately creating a place for artists to go, get out of their comfort zone, and, of course, get creative. This summer, they’re finally ready to launch their DIY Sustainable Art Symposium for artists everywhere.

Over the years, these friends have added picnic tables, a small barn, and two small sheds to the land. They’ve gathered materials to make clay processing and metal casting readily accessible. This summer, they’re ready to invite artists from all over the country to take part in their first DIY Sustainable Art Symposium. It’s going to be rugged, outdoors, and all about creating sustainable art. It doesn’t get any better than that!

This summer is going to be incredible, and we’re excited to give an AWB grant to make this art symposium be as awesome as possible.