GRANT #112:

Every Child Deserves A Chance At Life

“My goal is to help youngsters realize they have the power to change their reality, and their situation.”

Tania Ngo started the non-profit MADIFF (Making a Difference Foundation) in order to help children realize they have the power to change the course of their lives, in a very real way. MADIFF’s first statement of intent: assisting a local orphanage in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The orphanage houses 30 children, who are forced to share 3 barely adequate beds. The director of the shelter has struggled to keep everyone under one roof, due to lack of aid & support. So here comes Tania to the rescue! This Awesome Without Borers grant will go towards acquiring 30 brand new mattresses – with sheets – for every single child.

Connect with MADIFF on their homepage or on Twitter!