Grant #501

Making Dreams Come True

September 19, 2022

The Organization Giving Expectant Moms (and Their Babies!) a Lifeline

The women who founded Friends of New York City Nurse-Family Partnership know that it’s possible to improve children’s lives before those babies are even born. 

Their organization works to support low-income mothers as part of the national and acclaimed Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP), which pairs first-time expectant mothers in need of some extra help with nurses who visit and support them until their babies are two. 

The NFP model has achieved impressive results, with participating mothers experiencing healthier pregnancies and better birth outcomes as well as reductions in the incidence of child abuse and neglect and injuries and behavioral issues in their babies. Friends of New York City Nurse-Family Partnership helps that incredible record go even further; it provides additional funds to eligible mothers to help them pursue further education. That leg up can nurture moms to build confidence—and increase their earning potential. Friends also provides workshops and education for NFP participants and supports nurse professional development. 

New motherhood is hard even under the best circumstances, and Google is not the most reliable place to turn for advice and counsel. For mothers struggling with homelessness, food and job insecurity, and access to family-sustaining careers, trusted help can be transformative—for them and for their babies. 

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