Grant #500

Help Teen Pregnant Girls and Poor Pregnant Women

May 9, 2022

Helping Pregnant Women and Teenagers Access the Essentials They Need

In Ghana, too many pregnant women and teenage girls struggle to afford basic necessities to prepare for their newborns. The costs add up—baby clothes, bottles, blankets, and more. Because hospitals require expectant mothers to have some of those items with them for delivery, women who would otherwise give birth in the care of trained professionals opt for home births instead, which risks the health of both mothers and babies.

Frimpomaa Akoto, who has worked as a nurse in rural Ghana, could plainly see the need. “My patients safety and well-being has and will always be my priority,” she says. “I always try to find ways to help people.” Frimpomaa teamed up with Suhum Government Hospital in Ghana to receive our grant. The money will help pay for these essential supplies and make them available to underprivileged women.

Every mother should be able to focus on giving birth to a healthy baby, without worrying about how she’ll pay for the clothes her newborn will wear home from the hospital. With the help of administrators at Suhum Hospital, we hope we can ease just a little bit of that burden. 

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