GRANT #294:

Making Queer History

Who gets to tell your story? If you're not a straight, white, man of some means, chances are there's not much about you in most of the history books.

That’s why Making Queer History is so important to people who have been forgotten, or worse, not treated with dignity and respect in history. Dean Strauss edits the international content spotlighting contributions queer people have made throughout history, as well as telling the stories of people making modern history right now. What Dean says distinguishes MQH is “the moral of the story,” how the history being presented relates to current-day life.

This Awesome Without Borders grant will help them expand their offerings and spread the word so more people can enjoy and learn.

We appreciate that they are big on intersectionality (such as being queer and disabled) and that their website is a pleasure to peruse.

If you’re curious, check it out here, and there’s a podcast, of course. You can also follow on Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook.