Grant #293

The Hometown Project

May 7, 2018

Who’s the most famous person to come from your hometown?

These days, when well-known cultural leaders come home to the places where they grew up, many of them connect to local leaders and causes important to the community.

No matter how successful you are, there are places that feel like home. And just because your career may take you far from the people you grew up with, it doesn’t mean you stop caring about what happens in your hometown.

The Hometown Project is developing a database to connect well-known people to the cities, states, and regions that welcome them as hometown heroes whenever they show up.

So many of the most successful people have heartfelt connections to places where their fame can be used for good. Their presence draws attention to what matters, whether it’s a referendum on local development or campaigning for someone who shares their values.

We think this is GENIUS and we are so happy that our grant will help develop The Hometown Project database. Follow along with them online at their website, or on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



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