Grant #561

P.E.A.C.E.F.U.L. Parents / Teens

November 27, 2023

Helping Parents and Teens Connect and Heal (with Games!)

When you’ve experienced violence or abuse, it can be hard to imagine a life of peace and security. Tiffany Mensah is a survivor of domestic violence herself who also experienced childhood abuse, so she knows that challenge well. Now she’s the executive director of DOVES Network, which stands for Daily Overcoming Violence and Embracing Safety. Tiffany works with teen and parent survivors to disrupt intergenerational trauma and promote healing. Her organization provides wrap-around community services to parents and children and hosts peer group support groups for teens to help them negotiate their emotions and navigate their new normal. 

Based on feedback from parents of participants in the PEACE peer groups, Tiffany plans to host quarterly activities for teens and parents. Her idea is to have them do activities separately and then come together to show the power of collaboration. “Our goal,” she says, “is to provide them with a safe space that removes barriers to communication and provides thought starters for the parent/teen to stay learning with each other to strengthen their bond.” Tiffany will use our grant to invest in games and refreshments to fund these events through 2024. New year, new start.

Category: Community, Youth



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