Grant #565

Prevention Is the Kindest Way

December 25, 2023

Kotor Kitties Has a PAWS-itive Vision for Cats in Kotor, Montenegro

Kotor, Montenegro, has such an enormous feline population that it’s colloquially known as “The City of Cats.” Sounds cute, right? Well, the facts are a little more complicated. The truth is thousands of cats in Kotor and the surrounding area are sick and injured, and people needed a solution. That’s where April King came in. With the help of fellow Seattle natives who’d visited Kotor, April started a high-quality, high-volume spay-neuter program to treat the local cat population. She even enlisted pioneering Seattle-based veterinarian Dr. Christine Wilford to serve on the advisory board of her new organization. 

Kotor Kitties builds on the work done in Seattle, where a similar program—in which cats are humanely caught, neutered, and returned to their environment—has been operational for decades. Thanks to its efforts, almost 11,000 cats have been spayed or neutered in Montenegro. Additionally, April and her co-volunteers provide resources and training to Montenegrin veterinarians to help support them as they work to provide these services. 

Our grant will help Kotor Kitties spay or neuter over 23 Montenegrin cats. To us, that sounds pawsome!

Category: Activism, Animals, Civic Engagement, Community, Education, Health



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