GRANT #257:

Project Alloy

Knocking down the doors of the white guys tech club.

What could be more timely than an assault on the dismal gender ratio in tech? With the infamous Google memo launching a tsunami of talk, this Awesome Without Borders grantee says don’t talk, ACT.

The founders of Project Alloy say boy bye to the bro-heavy tech conference and hello to mixing it up.

This engineering dream team says if you’re claiming to be the conference that attracts the best and the brightest in tech, then you better be sure that includes people who aren’t currently well-represented because of the kind of institutional bias brought out by the Google memo.

By offering financial grants (inspo shout-out to Kyle Kingsbury’s public pledge), support, and other resources to those who are early in their tech careers and underrepresented in the industry, Project Alloy is building a more inclusive community… one conference at a time.

These Awesome dollars will allow a grantee to attend the 2017 Strange Loop tech conference.

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