Grant #551


September 18, 2023

An Innovative After-School Program Is Launching a Podcast for LGBTQIA+ Youth

Imagine knowing who you are, but having no outlet to be yourself. Imagine having a story to tell, but no safe place to share it. In Taos, New Mexico—as in so many other parts of the world—LGBTQIA+ youth don’t have easy access to spaces in which their identities and experiences are validated. 

That’s where Queerious comes in. It’s the rare after-school program—especially in a rural, low-income area—that invites LGBTQIA+ youth to talk about their feelings and share their struggles without judgment or stigma. The aim of Queerious is to give teens an opportunity to be in dialogue with each other, recognize what they have in common, and support each other in their differences. 

Now they want to share their stories with a wider audience too. Our grant will help the young people of Queerious purchase recording equipment so that the program can launch a public-facing podcast. In addition to being a venue for creative self-expression, the podcast will give participants a chance to learn digital and technical skills and protect their anonymity with an audio format. Inclusivity is at the heart of everything Queerious does. We can’t wait to lend an ear. 

Category: Children, Community, Empowerment, LGBT, Youth



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