Grant #493

Signed By Stories

March 21, 2022

Improving Mental Health Care for Deaf and Hard of Hearing People? It’s a Sign in the Right Direction

When we think of capable therapists, we tend to imagine neat offices, soothing voices, active listeners. But that image is incomplete because it doesn’t account for a population that needs access to mental health care services, but too often can’t find them—the deaf and hard of hearing communities. 

Starting this month, a new platform aims to educate the hearing world about the need for mental health care for deaf and hard of hearing people. First on social media and later with a standalone website, Signed By Stories will raise awareness about the marginalization of deaf and hard of hearing communities when it comes to accessing treatment. 

In short videos, deaf and hard of hearing participants from diverse backgrounds will share their experiences, discussing their treatment in mental health care settings, encounters with law enforcement, and/or time in hospitals. And while the content is aimed at a hearing audience, each post will include closed captions, a transcript, and image descriptions to be as accessible as possible. Our grant will go toward that important work, helping fund transcription services and captioning. 

The platform is an education tool and a call to action—we all deserve access to help and treatment. You can sign that again. 

Category: Activism, Community, Empowerment, Health



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