Grant #308

Suubi Health Center: Sustainability Projects

August 20, 2018

Throughout thousands of years of human history, women help other women in childbirth. In Budondo, Uganda, they’re better-trained than doctors.

So says Janine Guarino, who told us that the Suubi Women, an all-female team of trained health workers and midwives from the community, get five years of training to become part of the squad. These women are already known and trusted in the community as mothers, sisters, neighbors and friends, uniquely positioned to deliver high-quality maternal care, family planning services, first aid, pediatric care, nutrition advice, and other health-related information. Janine tells us training for The Suubi Women is so substantial and comprehensive that their technical knowledge surpasses many doctors and nurses in the area.

But she didn’t ask for this Awesome Without Borders grant to help with the training or the midwifery. No, she wants the money for Suubi’s motorbikes-for-profit fleet. That’s right, the health care center has a moneymaking operation called the Motorbike Lease-To-Own Scheme. Motorbikes are loaned to members of the community, who make monthly payments that are used to fund Suubi’s health services. We love creative solutions to sustainable funding, and this is only one of Suubi’s efforts at self-sustainability. We’re happy to invest in their future funding!

You can learn more about Suubi here, by following along on Facebook, and by watching this video:



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