Grant #511

The Art of Drag

November 28, 2022

A New, Diverse Show Celebrates the Power and History of Drag as an Art Form

Drag shows are mesmerizing. Costumes, makeup, sometimes glitter, often wigs. You expect to be captivated and entertained. But how about educated? 

Frances Bates—sometimes known as the drag king persona Larry Gaga—is planning an epic drag show for the summer of 2023 that will both celebrate the art and exuberance of the medium as well as tell of its historical past. Her production (a project of Art to Change the World) will recount the roots of iconic outfits and dance moves, with a diverse cast of performers and interpreters to make it as inclusive as possible. It will also be live streamed to reach a wide and far-flung audience, including, Frances hopes, those who have come across less flattering coverage of drag shows in the past. “The Art of Drag” aims to help change how people see drag and recognize it as a positive and exuberant form of self-expression. That mission has never been more important. 

Our grant will help Frances secure a venue and print promotional signage. We’re so glad to help support a great show. See you on stage, Larry Gaga!

Category: Art, Community, Culture, LGBT, Performance



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