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Grant #476

The Cycling Experience

November 22, 2021

Two Wheels That Can Take You Places You Never Imagined

With the Cycling Experience, Diana Hildebrand wants to get you in gear—literally. A retired semi-professional football player, Hildebrand is now a cycling instructor, mentor, activist, and self-described “educator on two wheels” who’s dedicated to mobilizing her community through movement. She is also the founder of DevahD Cycling, which offers lessons and services to help locals feel more comfortable on their bikes. 

The Cycling Experience builds off of DevahD’s success and sets out to make the sport she’s come to love as accessible as possible to those in Northeast Ohio, where she’s based. The Cycling Experience, she explains, aims to “break the ‘chains’ of transportation, socio-economic, and health disparities” while also boosting participants’ confidence and sense of independence. Each week, Hildebrand plans to host bike rides and walks as well as mini bike trips for kids to engage their critical thinking skills. She hopes to partner with grassroots organizations to both support their important work and reach those who might be interested in exploring the world on two wheels! 

This Awesome Without Borders grant will fund the purchase of the equipment needed to get the Cycling Experience off to a smooth start, including offsetting the costs of helmets, bells, and locks. Hildebrand, of course, will be providing the enthusiasm, with the particular goal of increasing the presence of BIPOC women out on the roads and bringing her passion for this alternative form of transportation to low-income communities. It’s not just about biking, Hildebrand points out. “These projects offer leadership as well as mechanical skills that will last a lifetime.” We say: Ride on! 

  • People on bikes smiling
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