Grant #141

Hands of Honour

May 18, 2015

Paul Talliard took matters into his own hands when saw rapid unemployment in Cape Town, and the opportunity to beautify urban areas.


He seized the opportunity and created the Hands of Honour Up-cycling Centre, which employs those who have experienced homelessness, crime or substance abuse in South Africa. The program upcycles waste from the corporate sector that may end up in landfills. Workers process the waste, either rehabilitating the material or stripping goods for sale of parts.

The good news doesn’t stop there. Hands of Honour provides salaries for workers who otherwise have no work options available to them, all while investing in beautifying derelict community spaces. It’s no surprise that the organization has grown from a soup kitchen charity to a full-fledged social enterprise in three years.

Taken together, these elements result in a program that can sustain itself and contribute to a greener city, job creation and reclaiming derelict urban spaces. Hands of Honour will be using the grant to purchase a Radial Arm Saw, which will make the bench and garden furniture building process more efficient. We’re excited to see the beautiful spaces that will come from their awesome work!

Learn more about Hands of Honour by watching their video and following them on Facebook and Twitter.


Category: Community, Empowerment, Environment



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