Grant #12

Trash Trees

May 6, 2013

It’s no secret we prefer our awesome with a side of social impact…

When Kara Westermann pitched her project as “part art therapy, part environmental and 100% awesome” she got our attention.

The founder of the Beauty for Ashes Project, a grassroots nonprofit in Managua, Nicaragua, Kara’s plan is to make one person’s trash another person’s treasure — literally.

By engaging the local school and its larger community, Kara will teach participants how to use plastic bottles and other trash around a Nicaraguan squatter community known as La Bandera to create tree sculptures. Each person involved will have the opportunity to paint and create his or her own part of one of the dozen trees slated to be built.

To learn more about Beauty for Ashes visit their website and Facebook page. Then mosey on over to our website and submit an awesome idea of your own!

Category: Art, Design, Environment



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