Grant #384

Forced Trajectory Project

February 3, 2020

Killed By Police and Criminalized. Now Their Family Suffers. This Is Our Witness.

Over ten years ago, Nissa Tzun was on photo assignment for a newspaper when she met a family whose loved one had died at the hands of police in what was seen as murder. She was moved by the plight of these people who did not ask for a public life, but had one thrust upon them by tragedy.

She saw that the trajectories of their lives had been forced off-course, and in seeking a way to bear witness, she created the Forced Trajectory Project in 2009. Co-founder Oja Vincent joined forces with Nissa in 2010.

This independent media outlet reports on policing issues nationwide with a special focus in Las Vegas (because what happens there should not always stay there, you know?).

Their website is a unique portal of community stories that go unreported in most cities.

Media begets media, and FTP’s efforts have resulted in more invitations to the public stage for people who have been affected by police violence. They turn up on local media, presenting to advocacy groups, even police departments and elected officials give them a place at the table for discussion.

FTP created a docuseries on police violence in Las Vegas soon to premiere on e360TV, a channel that is run on Apple TV, Roku and Amazon Fire platforms. They’re about to start production on a second docuseries, and our AWB grant will help pay for website hosting fees, some equipment, and insurance for that equipment.

We here at Awesome HQ agree that FTP’s developing model of localized, focused, investigative multimedia journalism is a model that could be adapted nationwide.

Check out their website, and maybe you’ll be inspired to start your own community’s police accountability project.

Category: Civic Engagement, Media, Social Impact



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