Grant #178

Free Canes for Veterans

February 1, 2016

A gift of love from one Veteran to another. HOOYAH!

Oscar De Vere Morris III is a US Navy Veteran, who spends every waking hour of his spare time delivering free walking canes to vets in need. But it’s much more than that. Oscar carves these beautiful artistic wooden canes by hand, making each one special and unique. He installs a penny into each cane to commemorate the year of the vet’s service and instead of payment, Morris prefers his customers send him a photo with their new canes. What’s more, he posts a video every night on his Facebook page giving everyone an update on production and/or films the process of him making a new cane. But he doesn’t stop there. Oscar delivers chicken noodle soup, a comfort food, to help lift up those suffering from depression or PTSD.

When Morris started this last year with his Facebook page, Free Canes For Veterans, he never expected it to explode in the way it has. He now has over 500 orders to tend to and needs help shipping off his finished canes. Our AWB grant will safely deliver 50 canes to 50 vets, and we couldn’t be more proud to play a small part. As Oscar would say, HOOYAH!

Please take a moment to “like” Oscar’s Facebook page – he might even give you a shout out.

Category: Community, Wellness



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