Grant #87

Tea + Purpose

April 28, 2014

Cultivating compassion and connections over a hot cup of tea.

Carla Blumenthal is passionate about making meaningful connections that electrify and empower women. So much so, that she founded Tea+Purpose as a way to bring people together, without the need for pomp, circumstance, or false pretense. Yep, one of civilization’s greatest icebreakers just got greater!

Carla’s hosting local gatherings where women can engage in authentic, action-oriented talks, with the help of this classic conversation facilitator. By sharing personal truths over a refreshing cup of tea, groups can help each other to open, learn, grow, and feel inspired to live purposefully. By working to improve their personal situations, the greater community at large will surely benefit, Carla thinks. (Agreed!)

So far, Tea+Purpose has held monthly gatherings in NYC, San Francisco, and Chicago. In order to provide more women with access to content, community, and discussions, Carla will make fine use of her AWB grant. The extra funds will allow her to jazz up the website, recruit new leaders, and cover shipping materials.

If it’s been too long since you enjoyed a nice hot one beside warm company, crash the next gathering and tell them AWB sent you! You can learn more by visiting T+P on Facebook and signing up for their mailing list.

Category: Community, Empowerment, Women



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