Grant #548

The Fáilte Centre: Women-Led Needlework Centre

August 28, 2023

Extending a Warm Welcome to Vulnerable Individuals in Athens, Greece

In Irish, the word for “welcome” is “fáilte” and both the word and the concept are at the heart of everything Colleen Bromberger and Claire Campion do. The two opened The Fáilte Centre to offer learning opportunities and mental health services to vulnerable individuals in Athens, Greece. The organization supports people from all walks of life—regardless of age, gender, background, nationality, or religion. Their work serves as a beacon of hope at a time when migrants and refugees have faced extreme hardship and discrimination in trying to build new lives. 

The Fáilte Centre believes in a dialogue between the staff and the people who come to the center to access services. Its staff engages the people who come to access services, so they can offer activities people want. Their guiding pillars are Learn and Strengthen, aiming to help vulnerable individuals navigate their surroundings with more confidence. Colleen and Claire will use our grant to respond to the popular requests for a knitting and crocheting circle at Fáilte. Doing needlework is calming, keeps people occupied in stressful surroundings, and teaches practical skills like mending and sewing. Since opening in July 2022, Fáilte has offered individualized support to 80 adults and 21 children, hailing from Afghanistan, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Venezuela, and more. We’re excited to help them continue to do their critical work. Welcome, indeed!

Category: Activism, Civic Engagement, Community, Empowerment, Immigration, Refugees, Women



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