Grant #27

Community Garden Yields Wellness for Alabamians

August 19, 2013

Step right up Alabamians! The Capstone Rural Health Center (CRHC) in Parrish is serving up FREE healthy food fare.

In addition to treating illnesses, managing conditions, and writing prescriptions — an essential part of the primary and preventative health care services they offer — the clinic is subsidizing the town’s limited food options: namely, a Jack’s drive-through and Dollar General.

Through the Capstone Community Garden, created by Dr. David Jones in 2012, community members, patients, and their families now have access to fresh produce at no cost. In its first year alone, the garden served roughly 100 individuals, and by 2012, that number had doubled.

By providing healthful options to the community, CRHC hopes to combat sedentary lifestyles and obesity, one of the greatest threats to overall health in the nation, while providing opportunities for civic engagement, volunteerism, and education; a local horticulturalist offers a course called Master Community Gardens 101.

Thanks to an application from University of Alabama student and CRHC intern, Elizabeth Ernstberger, we hope this AWB grant will support the garden in yielding nutritious results. To learn more about The Capstone Rural Health Center garden, visit the website and Facebook and Twitter channels.

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