GRANT #31:

You & Me

In cities around the world, 30 people are picked to participate in an art-meets-dance-meets-dinner party experience of a lifetime, with You & Me.

We could tell you about this project. How it seamlessly folds interdisciplinary dance and alternative live art into an intimate one-on-one performance. Or how creator, Tara Rynders, has developed a medium so powerful there are no longer boundaries between performer and artist, they co-exist, but understandably, Tara is the best person to tell her own story, which she does eloquently in the video below.

And it’s not just the show, dancer and applicant Jadd James Tank is excited to head overseas with the group’s concept “Happy Mourning.”

A 10 minute exploration of loss introduced to audiences in California and Nevada, “Happy Mourning” invites participants to discuss a person or thing they are mourning before learning a movement phrase (usually gestural) that embodies that loss through a personalized dance. Afterwards, the group creates a sculpture of that person or thing and places it on a wall where others have gone through the same process.

With this AWB grant, You & Me will further discover the cultural similarities and differences in mourning, if any, while providing a one of a kind experience that aims to deepen intimacy within a community. Learn more on their website and Facebook page, then visit their Kickstarter campaign to support this incredible work.

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