GRANT #115:

Kyn :: Democratizing Philanthropy

The first stop for the next generation of philanthropists.

What would lead an accomplished businessman like Chad Kruse to sell everything he owned to launch an untested app from home? Making a difference in the world, for one…and with Kyn, Chad’s doing just that for philanthropists the world over!

Recognizing how tough it can be for aspiring funders to get into the philanthropy game, Chad decided to simplify things with Kyn. His program “democratizes” philanthropy, by streamlining the processes through which donations – and connections – can be made. With Kyn, fledgling investors can rendezvous with more seasoned individuals, and contribute in far fewer clicks.

Kyn’s mission is to use technology to facilitate the goals of philanthropists as smoothly as possible. And with this AWB grant, Chad can put the final security and infrastructure pieces in place to ensure everything keeps running without the slightest hitch.

Visit the project’s Twitter page to catch an inside glimpse of the future of philanthropy.