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Grant #158:

A new media series created BY trans and queer women FOR trans and queer women.

Grant #95:

Steve Jobs took a course on hand lettering and that's why the Mac had multiple typefaces and proportionally spaced fonts. Imagine if he'd had this awesome app.

Grant #86:

"I've spent my life searching the walls of major museums for people, who look like me. Haven't found many so I decided--to create my own reflection."-- Victoria Mahoney

Grant #72:

From professionals and practitioners to the general public, Rey Carr has amassed an impressive collection of publications through Peer Resources, to educate people on the many ways we can help one another.

Grant #65:

Those who plan to succeed, must first learn to read. That seems to be the thinking behind Angeline Makore's latest brainchild for social change, the Spark Girls Mentorship Program.

Grant #56: is a place to share the unbelievably hilarious, and unexpectedly beautiful terrain of navigating your life after a death.



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